Preclinical Trial Registry

Improving CMD pre-clinical rigor and objectivity is a top priority for Cure CMD in 2012 as we move to position the CMDs in a translational space. Recent reports cite the high number of academic studies that cannot be replicated by the pharmaceutical sector, the rising costs of clinical trials and numbers of failed trials based upon insufficient animal model evidence. To improve cross-talk between scientists and develop rational strategies to move therapies into clinical space, we invite scientists working on congenital muscular dystrophy to register their experiments.

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  • Congenital Muscular Dystrophy

    A group of diseases causing muscle weakness at birth. Several defined genetic mutations cause muscles to break down faster than they can repair or grow. A child with CMD may have various neurological or physical impairments. Some children never gain the ability to walk, while others lose the ability as they grow older. Learn more...

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