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Kennedy’s Story

When Kennedy was three she had slight difficulty climbing stairs and fell a lot. She also walks on her tiptoes. It was hard to let doctors see this in an office setting. We started out ruling out a slight cerebral palsy, also wore AFO’s thinking she was just a tippy toe walker. I was told […]

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Lilly’s Story

Lilly (5 Jahre alt) wurde in der 41. Schwangerschaftswoche per Kaiserschnitt geboren, nachdem sich der natürliche Geburtsverlauf zweimalig wieder einstellte. Am ersten Lebenstag entdeckten wir, dass ihr linkes Auge vergrößert und entzündet zu sein schien. In einer Narkoseuntersuchung wurde festgestellt, dass das linke Auge eine komplexe Fehlbildung aufweist und blind ist, rechtsseitig besteht ein zentraler […]

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Andres’ Story

Andrés nació en Julio de 2003 en España, donde vivimos. Hace unas semanas, y gracias a la intervención de CMDIR que gestionó un ensayo genético en Paris (Francia), se ha detectado que tiene L-CMD (Laminopathy Lamin A/C). Para nosotros ha sido algo fantástico porque pensábamos que nunca conoceríamos exactamente su enfermedad después de 7 años […]

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Bean’s story

Our little Isabelle, aka, Bean, was our third child.  Due to her breach position, she entered the world via c-section.  Despite many troubles right away with nursing, we considered her to be a normal, healthy, beautiful baby.  She was born with contractures at her ankles, but they thought this was just club feet and would […]

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Robert’s story

My name is Robert.  I was born in 1967 in Georgia and had no birth complications.  I have lived in the Southeast for my entire life.   In 2006, I, as well as my older brother, was diagnosed with Autosomal recessive Bethlem Myopathy. My brother and I share many of the same symptoms and while he’s […]

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Ana’s story

Ana es una niña de 5 años fenomenal, muy alegre y divertida. Toda la fuerza que le falta en los músculos la tiene en la lengua, ya que no para de hablar y cantar en todo el día ya sea en español o en inglés ya que va a un colegio británico.

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John’s Story

John was diagnosed with Ullrich’s CMD December 2010 at 2 ½ years of age.  By the time we got the diagnosis it wasn’t a surprise, but there was a long journey to get to that point.  John is the son of Jennifer and Charles and the younger brother of Owen.

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Yuchen’s story: I Wish


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Yuchen’s story (as told by his mother)


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Nicolas’ story

Nicolas is 4 years old.   He was recently diagnosed with L-CMD a muscular disease caused by a mutation in the LMNA gene.  L-CMD is a muscle wasting disorder that also leads to breathing and heart problems.  My husband Ruben, myself and our 4 children live in Florida.  We are still trying to cope with this […]

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