nNOS update

Dr. Duan shows how dystrophin helps localize nNOS to muscle cell membrane. This helps explain why in Duchenne MD nNOS is diminished and contributes to muscle fatigue post exercise.

What is the study?

Dr. Dongsheng Duan demonstrated that restoring nNOS to the muscle cell membrane in the Duchenne mouse model, improved exercise endurance. nNOS improves exercise indurance by leading to artery dilation during exercise, improving circulation and the delivery of oxygen to muscle.


How was the study done?

Dr. Duan identified that specific regions on dystrophin anchor nNOS and help it bind to the muscle cell membrane where it mediates improved circulation during exercise.  These regions are called spectrin like regions.  Dr. Duan was able to improve nNOS binding in the mdx mouse model (Duchenne mouse model) by doing gene therapy introducing the spectrin repeats, restored nNOS and improve exercise endurance.


How does this study relate to prior studies?

Please see prior study by Dr. Campell. This study looked at the role nNOS plays in exercise fatigue in muscular dystrophy including the CMDs.


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