2009 NIH Funding Estimates for Muscular Dystrophy

The FY2009 estimates of funding by research, condition, and disease categories were released on the NIH RePORT site yesterday. Total FY2009 funding for muscular dystrophy was $66M from the regular NIH appropriation and an additional $17M from the ARRA program. Muscular dystrophy funding level was at $56M in FY2008.

You can access information on funding for muscular dystrophy and the 218 areas that are reported at: http://report.nih.gov/rcdc/categories/. An easy way to remember how to get to this site is to just Google “NIH disease dollars” and it will be the first hit.

To access data in RePORT, scroll down to the category that you are interested in. Then go across the table to the FY2009 Actual column; clicking on the hyperlink dollar amount will yield a list of the awards funded by all NIH institutes in that category for FY2009. Note that FY2009 data are separated by non-ARRA and ARRA awards, so total funding for FY2009 is the sum of the two values. Also note that there also is a hyperlink for the FY2008 data (before then, we were on a different reporting system that required requesting lists of awards from each NIH institute). Once you have the award list up, you can sort by any of the table headers just by clicking on them.

More advanced features that allow you to access abstracts, further process the data, and download to a spreadsheet are available on this web site.

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