Maaz’ Story

MaazI would like to share the story of Maaz who is diagnosed with merosin deficient CMD.

Maaz was born in Sep 2001 in Nanjing, a city in China. He is Pakistani and lives with his parents.

He was diagnosed with CMD in 2002 through a muscle biopsy. During the first 2-3 years of his life, he had numerous serious chest infections. With increasing awareness, precautions and the use of medical equipment, his chest infections became less frequent. He started school in 2004 with kindergarten. Later, he was accepted at the International School.

Maaz has shown tremendous improvement in his academic and social skills after joining the International School. His mental abilities are brilliant.

Maaz’ current health situation is mainly due to his disability in walking and handling heavy items with his hands. He uses a manual wheel chair which was bought from Ottobock. He will get his power wheel chair in a couple of months.

Maaz likes computer games a lot, such as, PS2 and PSP. He is very good at playing these games. Maaz likes to watch fighting movies and also likes to fight with his dad whenever they find time. His favorite movies include Spider Man, Power rangers and Ninja turtles.

He is a very generous and bold boy; very popular among his friends as he is kind and of a very friendly nature. Currently Maaz is in the second grade. We look forward to continuous progress for him in all areas.

Maaz will have his first brother born in September 2009. He is really looking forward to playing with him. We are very proud to be a part of Cure CMD.

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